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After the struggle of five decades, our goal of having Jharkhand as a separate state was achieved on 15th November, 2000 but struggle to make it a successful state is still to be achieved. We have to get a rightful place for Jharkhand and should strive to make it prosperous and modern state.

We are still discriminated against as most of the people of the state come from SC/ST and other backward classes. We have to ensure that they get whatever is due to them.

Jharkhand is well known for valuable minerals and ores. Mining of coal, iron ore, bauxites, Zinc, copper, uranium, mica, golamite, , limestone and granite are on for the last century. But we have never been compensated adequately. Exploitations still exist. Jharkhand got only 1500 crore of rupees as revenue against coal mining which is inadequate and based on faulty calculations. We should be given the revenue which is based on current price. JMM is still fighting for that in the parliament.

Pollution, deforestation, displacement of people and chronic diseases are still major challenges in the state. We have to solve these problems.

After 13 years of formation of the state, people of the state are still looking for a stable government, a government which is able to provide basic health and education facilities to its people.Job opportunities should be created for the unemployed youth of the state. It should also be able to provide relief to the farmers and small businessmen. Emphasis should be given to the development of basic infrastructures in the state. Maintaining forestry and preserving wild life are major challenges. Tourism could be a big source of revenue for which there should be concerted efforts to develop necessary infrastructures and facilities for this.

State is bleeding due to Naxals and related violence. A permanent solution must be find to end this menace.