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Jharkhand is young at14. In fourteen years, there should have been at least a semblance of a developed state but it is lacking on many fronts such as power, roads, infrastructure, employment etc.

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha under the guardianship of Shri Sibu Soren is always ready to work for the welfare of the people of the state.

JMM wants to develop this state as a welfare state, where each and every citizen have right to education, livelihood, job, health, drinking water, sanitation, house, agriculture facilities.

In this regard JMM has a vision to:
  • 1. Give agriculture industry status and registration of agriculture labourers so that they can get remuneration as industrial worker.
  • 2. Provide Agro marketing facilities at Panchayat level, where farmers can sell their product and purchase seeds, fertilizers and other agriculture -equipment.
  • 3. Provide irrigation facilities to farmers and electricity at subsidised rates.
  • 4. Strengthening tri-level Panchayati Raj System to provide relief to the people of state at their door steps.
  • 5. Rapid infrastructural development is the main vision of JMM, without this state couldn’t achieve speedy development. In this situation, construction of roads, bridges, flyovers, hospitals and educational institutes at all level, in the state becomes necessary.
  • 6. Women’s safety and their welfare are top priority of the party. Children needs special attention. JMM has zero tolerance regarding violence against women.
  • 7. Malnutrition is a big problem in tribal society. It can be eradicated through continuous efforts at Aanganwadi and Balwadi levels. We need to provide wholesome meals and additional food supplements like zinc, iron and folic acid to the children. Pregnant women need special care and attention.
  • 8. One fourth of the total population of the state is dependent on daily wages. They must be guarded against exploitation.
  • 9. Environment degradation is a big challenge in the way of sustainable development. Due to urbanisation, industrialization and mining environment is getting polluted. It needs to be protected.
  • 10. Special welfare schemes for ST/ SC/OBC and minorities are necessary. Protection and promotion of culture and regional languages should get importance as well.